Typical RONAstar Activation Road Map
Historically adopting new Enterprise software can be a burdensome, time consuming, and expensive process. By moving RONAstar to the cloud and developing a common operational framework, “installation” and “integration” becomes a thing of the past. It typically takes just 12 weeks to complete all the tasks required to activate your system, from organizational analysis and assessment through training, rollout and reporting.

During the initial phase, an analysis of the organization and its needs is conducted to determine ROI objectives, key stakeholders, role and responsibilities, activation and rollout strategy. These finding will help create a client assessment with a clear timeline and budget to activate and institute the system and processes.

Planning & Activation
Every organization will have different needs, and objectives. A private label RONAstar site is rapidly configured and activated to match organization terminology and branding. Roll out and training plans are scheduled, as well as communication program.

Discovery & Process
Mapping the different culture, structure, and processes occurs during this next phase. Tasks conducted can be in-depth interviews and focus groups to create current process maps, assessments of an organizations idle asset base, current budget and procurement process as well as re-deployment process. Outcomes will include establishing savings goals, creating performance metrics and building the process-training material.

Incentive System Design
Establishing an effective organization-wide incentive system that is aligned with the existing culture and objectives will ensure that business units maximize their opportunity to redeploy idle assets. Some inducement examples could be team bonuses or budget withholding. Each organization will require a custom incentive program, including documentation and training.

Rollout & User Training
Ensuring rapid rollout and group buy-in is critical. Test scripts, schedules and acceptance criteria are set in place. An initial beta group of users in the organization is selected and given training on the new process and incentive systems. Based on observation and feedback, the systems are tuned until it is certain that there is a correct culture fit. “Train the Trainer” is the final approach, plus ongoing support, means quick adoption will occur.

Measuring & Reporting
It is not enough to just launch the system. The established metrics must be tracked, and progress measured against goals. Reports on such activities as asset transfer levels and cost savings are generated to ensure targets are reached and exceeded. Additional observation is used to further refine incentives and system processes to create the maximum ROI for the organization.