Benefits Overview

Benefits Overview

The RONAstar Value Proposition
Now you have the opportunity to achieve both substantial savings and high ROI quickly, and with little to no risk or impact on your existing operations. Internally reallocating unused or idle assets is the perfect way to gain an upper hand on reducing operating costs and improving your return on net assets. Reducing your redundant purchasing provides immediate financial value. In fact, reallocating these assets may represent the fastest, most assured pathway to gaining the operational cost savings you seek.

Real Cost Avoidance
Regardless of the reasons for excess assets, there is no purchase cost involved when an item is redeployed. The asset is already owned by the organization and is simply being moved to a new location with your own.

Rapid Delivery
Redeployment has a much faster delivery cycle. The items are already on hand, there is no purchase request required, no search for vendors, no wait for production, and minimal transit time.

Reduced Repair and Maintenance Costs
Repair parts for items already in inventory are likely to be available. Maintenance contracts have usually been paid for or are part of an overall maintenance strategy.Existing IT assets may already contain proper licenses. In addition to the cost savings of redeploying computers internally, the organization may also benefit from reduced set up time for new machines and may bypass the need for additional software licenses.

Increased Purchasing Power
Business units that acquire resources without using hard cash have actually increased their purchasing power. If they acquire an asset through reallocation, they can use their current budget for purchases that might have been impossible under their budget cap.

Reduced Purchasing Budget
If an asset is moved from one location to another, the resultant activity will create a reduction in the purchasing budget of the acquiring unit. Assets that are acquired internally as opposed to externally will have a direct and measurable result in reduced purchasing.

Trackable Savings
Real ROI can be achieved quickly and easily through cost avoidance. Every resource unused in one unit that is reallocated to meet mission goals in another is not just theoretical savings, but direct savings that can be accurately tracked.

Lower Costs
Transferring assets leads to lower warehouse and maintenance budgets, driving down a business unit’s operational costs.

Gain Purchasing Power
A business unit that is efficiently reallocating idle assets can be rewarded with additional budget to acquire desired equipment.