RONAstar cloud-based Enterprise platform saves Global 2000 Companies, Institutions, and Governments millions of dollars by helping them efficiently identify, re-utilize and internally redeploy their idle fixed assets.

In this day and age of global supply chain systems, ever-increasing competition, and tighter and tighter budgets, every opportunity
for wide scale cost avoidance must be examined. Optimizing asset redeployment can deliver an organization significant savings with immediate and direct bottom-line results.There have been many constraints that have prevented companies from realizing this opportunity in the past: Lack of idle asset visibility across the organization, procurement processes, and little or no incentive to either re-utilize assets or automatically track and reward the behavior.

Advancements in technology now makes it feasible for RONAstar to offer a unique solution that motivates asset redeployment and
delivers real bottom-line results through budget containment and better deployment of financial resources.
Our team of highly experienced professionals will quickly move your organization through the activation process: Rapid analysis of your existing methodologies, RONAstar initiation, configuring requisite incentive systems and process changes, and training and educating your workforce. Our paramount goal is to start saving you millions of dollars as fast as possible.