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What We Do
The RONAstar cloud-based platform saves Global 1000 Companies, Institutions, and Governments millions of dollars by helping them redeploy their idle fixed assets more efficiently.

Bottom Line Impact
Achieve both substantial savings and high ROI quickly with little or no risk or impact on existing operations. More ?

Simple To Use
With a look and feel that’s similar to an e-commerce site, it’s easy to learn and even easier to start saving millions quickly! More ?

Better Asset Utilization
The RONAstar platform can help manage all types of idle assets more efficiently: Excess, Unallocated, and Surplus. More ?

Solve Real Problems
RONAstar has a wide variety of applications including retail fixture reallocation, SOX compliance, and asset consolidation.

More ?
An overwhelming 77% of Financial Executives are dissatisfied with their company’s ability to redeploy idle or surplus assets internally instead of purchasing new fixed assets.”

How Can We Help
Whether you choose to work with our highly experienced team, one of our partners, or a consulting firm of your choice, our goal is always the same; ensure that your RONAstar activation is preformed efficiently and effectively.


Analyze critical elements like purchasing cycle, organization, and key stakeholders to determine processes that will deliver your organization the maximum ROI.

Program Management
Provide the requisite oversight to support project-level activity and ensure the overall business strategy, goals and needs are met or exceeded.

Incentive Design
Conduct deep dive study of the organizational culture and processes and developing systems to ensure maximum RONAstar utilization.

Training & Education
Create and communicatie across the organization the requisite knowledge to interface with RONAstar and associated incentives.

Change Management
Help the organization accept, embrace and ingrain incentive system and RONAstar into its process and culture.

Inventory Upload
Outsource to us your initial or ongoing idle inventory catalog and uploading activities. This may be an effective investment based on organizational costs, timetables and objectives.